About Ron Feinsod


Why I'm asking to serve as your Mayor.

I love Venice, but I feel that what made Venice the paradise that I fell in love with is beginning to disappear.  I first came to Venice in 2002 and became a permanent resident about 5 years ago.The small town "feel" is being lost to overbuilding and under investing in our infrastructure.  Let's find the balance between protecting the environment we all love and growth that meets our needs now and in the future


My Priorities

I believe that the decisions that affect the local residents and businesses should be made based on the voice of the people, not special interests. Our environment, sustainable responsible growth and fiscal responsibility and transparency will be my priorities.

* This is about you, residents and businesses of Venice

* My first priority is our environment. It is our lifeblood, our most valuable resource

*Planned and controlled growth. Focus on  how growth affects  people who live here 

*Fiscally responsible  and transparent management of your tax dollars.

Your concerns are my concerns. We live together in paradise, let's protect our quality of life here.


Why Now?

This election is about the Future of Venice 

*We need to work towards being an  Eco Friendly destination.

*We must be pro-active in improving water quality on our coastline.

* We must build a sustainable economy around our greatest asset, our unique environment 

*  Our city council should work together with residents and businesses toward common goals that preserve our cities unique and special small town feel.

* We should always remember why we chose to live here. Let's work to keep it that way

Ron's Bio


Ron and Denise have six wonderful children and five  beautiful grandchildren. 

Business background

Ron started out in his family's business and was instrumental in growing a single store into a three store chain.  His experience in family business taught him to be a fiscal conservative.

Real Estate

For twenty years Ron has been an active investor in real estate. He has owned and managed properties in NJ, Texas, and Florida.


After leaving the family business and going out on his own, Ron  purchased a failing store in a blue collar neighborhood and turned it into one of the most successful camera stores in NJ. His reputation for honest and fair business practices was known and respected throughout the  photo industry and his community.

Memberships & Organizations


Venice Chamber of Commerce

Control Growth Now

Sierra Club

Venice Main Street

Indivisible Venice

Retired member Photo Industry:



Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

The commitment to earning a Black Belt is an indication of Ron's work ethic and ability to stay the course over an extended period of time. 

The Platform



Our greatest asset is our unique environment and we must work to protect it. Our beaches on the Gulf of Mexico need to be our first priority. 

We must focus our efforts on protecting  our beaches and waters from the pollutants that cause Red Tide.  



Growth must be aligned with the needs of our residents and local merchants.  Our goal should be to plan growth  around our infrastructure, follow our comprehensive plan, and  listen to the people who live in the communities that growth will impact.

Fiscal Transparency


We have a responsibility to the taxpayers to be conservative and responsible with their money. Conservative fiscal planning for the future insures that our  city will remain a place where we can all enjoy paradise.  Our goals  must be clear and all options must  be considered before decisions are made. 

Thank you for your support

I need volunteers to help my campaign succeed. If you agree with my views and you can spare a few hours or even a few minutes to be Democracy in Action, please sign up. Contact our campaign at: ron4venicemayor@gmail.com