Did we need a new Comprehensive plan?

Why did council change the Comprehensive Plan?

We didn't need the city council to re-write our Comprehensive Plan. They only needed to update it to comply with changes in state laws. This was an expensive and unnecessary project.

What changed?

Our new Comprehensive plan looks like it was written by the developers. The protections to our environment were stripped out. The result has been rapid growth that does not meet the needs of local communities and the environment.

What can we do now?

When I am elected Mayor, I will work to return environmental protections back to our Comprehensive Plan. I will make it a priority to complete our LDR's (land development regulations) and insure that they work hand in hand with our Comprehensive Plan to protect our neighborhoods from uncontrolled growth that doesn't fit our city.

we can control GROWTH

Dan Lobeck, Attorney and founder of Control Growth Now, analyzed the changes to the Venice Comprehensive Plan in 2017.  

Lobeck letter June 2017 (pdf)